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  • Solvents and Reagents for Gas Chromatography

    Gas Chromatography Products Photo 160x100J.T.Baker® solvents and reagents for gas chromatography (GC) are application-optimized and function-tested to enhance separation power and reproducibility. 

    J.T.Baker® high-purity solvents and reagents will give you the performance you need with minimal risk of contaminants, while helping to maximize the sensitivity and detecting power of your instrumentation.

    Advantages of ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED™ Solvents and Reagents  

    • Unique stabilizer systems provide unmatched product stability and interference-free results
    • Optimized distillation targeted to remove reactive impurities, production of higher assays and narrow solvent fronts
    • Performance tested to purity levels below the Lower Limits of Quantitation (LLQ) for trace analyte detection
     J.T.Baker® ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED™ Solvents and Reagents


    • Acetone
    • Acetonitrile
    • Carbon Disulfide
    • Chloroform (Stabilized Ethanol)
    • Cyclohexane
    • Methylene Chloride (Stabilized)
    • Ether
    • Ethyl Acetate
    • N-Heptane
    • Hexane (95% n-Hexane)
    • Hexane (99% n-Hexane)
    • Methanol (Purge & Trap)
    • Methanol
    • Methyl tert-Butyl Ether
    • N-Pentane
    • Petroleum Ether 30º- 60 ºC
    • 2-Propanol
    • Tetrachloroethylene (Stabilized)
    • Toluene
    • 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane
    • Water
    • Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ UltimAR™ Universal Solvents

    UltimAR™ solvents meet or exceed ACS specifications for HPLC and UV spectrophotometry applications, and give you the mobile phase purity you need for success in general lab use as well. UltimAR™ solvents are tested for use in extraction/concentration sample clean-up protocols for use trace level organic residue analysis. 

    UltimAR™ Solvents: Ultimate Benefits

    Low UV absorbance, residue after evaporation and water levels provide flat base liens and extend column life.   

    • Consistent gradient profiles deliver reproducible results
    • Trace impurity levels controlled at the parts-per-billion (GC/FID) and parts-per trillion (GC/ECD) levels - for results you can trust


    Contact your Avantor account manager today for more information on our portfolio of solvents and reagents for Gas Chromatography.