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  • Proven Global Quality Systems

    Quality InfographicQuality is the basis for everything we do at Avantor, and our commitment to patient welfare is reflected in our proven global quality systems.

    We offer application-specific consistency and trace element characterization to match customer requirements as closely as possible. This helps streamline product development and can directly impact process productivity and drug safety.

    Global cGMP Manufacturing             

    Avantor offers cGMP manufacturing facilities in  Avantor's cGMP manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe and India.

    Secure and Reliable Global Supply Chain   

    From acquisition of raw materials, through production and shipping, we emphasize quality and security in both our own operations and those of our suppliers, and we track and share how we're doing with our customers.

    Management of Change   

    Our five-tiered system of Management of Change control notification allows customers to understand exactly what changes are happening, what products are affected and how far-reaching the impact could be.

    Multicompendial Product Standards     

    Avantor offers a comprehensive range of multicompendial products -  USP/NF/FCC, EU, JP, and IP - allowing us to meet the needs of pharmaceutical customers around the world.  

    Globally Accepted Documentation Support 

    Avantor shares full regulatory data regarding pharmaceutical production chemicals - so you can file your drug applications with global regulatory authorities.  For certain excipients that are classified as APIs, we provide FDA-reviewed Drug Master File documentation, as well as expertise and help in completing documentation.

    ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management Systems  

    All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and we use MasterControl™ as our global electronic quality system to document. 

    Manufacturer Batch Tracking (Parent Lot)

    Manufacturer batch tracking allows customers to identify the origin of raw materials repackaged by Avantor, providing greater traceability of materials.

    Continuous Improvement     

    Our quality systems drive continuous improvement across our production and distribution systems.  

    Innovative Packaging Options  

    Avantor offers fully integrated, state-of-the-art delivery platforms and custom solutions at any scale. Regulated and highly regulated grades of Avantor products also feature tamper-evident branded seals on outer packaging.

    GHS Labels and SDS

    All of Avantor's U.S. product labels and safety data sheets are GHS compliant.